How difficult was it to get up this morning, shower, eat breakfast, and get started with your day?

Is the situation at work not as manageable as it needs to be? 
Do you spend your days sleeping in, staying under the covers for hours, because your life lacks direction? 

Are your searching for something which will bring meaning to your life? Are you searching for spiritual answers?

Does everything you try gets you more frustrated and depressed?
Are your relationships in need of a tune-up or a major overhaul? 
Are your memories of the past are just too darn painful to process on your own.

Listen to messages your body is sending you. Mindfully assess your situation, expectations, and priorities... Begin to heal, and move towards a more empowered future!!!

Vera Gassner, MA, MFT, SEP Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

               LMFT 48791                  

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner  


Let me hear your story. Let me be your guide. Let me walk with you into the sunlight, where you can track, examine, sort, explore, define, and use your new somatically aware energy to get beyond 'fight, flight, freeze' activation. 

Please listen to my radio interview with JIM MASTERS from CLOSEUP TV NEWS RADIO, recorded on May 9, 2014:


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